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Good Day.

I was going to rap off a whole bunch of languages but I’ve decided against it since I’m writing this pretty jet-lagged still from Miami. The purpose of this blog is to keep in touch with anyone interested in my ramblings, and also list my gigs and other relevant rubbish. Another primary purpose for starting this up is to have a launch pad for my new, soon to be named podcast, which will feature a whole bunch o crap and maybe some hot tunes in between!

So stick around and stay tuned, we should have some fun with this. Thats if I ever update this after tomorrow! :)

So yeah, like I said, just got back from Miami and will have a bunch more to say about my first WMC. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then check out Miami Winter Music Conference.

I realise this blawg is probably bitterly boring now and implore you to come back despite the fact that you’re currently thinking, “Who the fuck is this guy, I’m not coming back here, how did I even get so far down this post”. I guess for the purposes of this first post, to keep you coming back I will have to use the ancient art of T&A to keep you amused :) Here is a pic from WMC entitled Hello Kitty Bum, it was taken at Ultra Music Festival, which I shall surley rant about later (UMF, not hello kitty bum).

Hello Kitty Bum

Hello Kitty Bum

Ok, I’m out,  check back. PLUR


cupcake vixen

about 11 years ago

Personally, I prefer the lumpy one to the left of Hello Kitty. Please post more of those.



about 11 years ago



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