Ok, Aside from the heavy mysogonistic undertones (videos have been banned off mtv for less) and the fact that it took 5 years after this crap was big on TRL before South Africa finally has an emo band… woo hooo, aside from all of that… what the hell does this video mean? I don’t get it.

he makes a wee

she throws his stoney out the window

he throws her down onto the rocks!!

he tries to drown her!!!

he gets a gay look on his face

the band has a solo and the front man seductively puts his hair behind his ears….

(I would like to add that all the time that the girl is on the ground, the lead singer, if you can call him that, is whining on about how he’s ‘a time bomb, in this love song’, and looking very smug)

THEN she hits him and steals his car… and this is supposed to make it all better?!! How does a wanky metalcore band differ from Prodigy’s smack my bitch up video, which was banned despite NOT actually having any violence against women?

I guess listening to the words would help but I struggle with that, it’s easier for me to watch this video with the sound off because hearing this singer makes it feel like somone is drilling into my brain. So if anyone wants to sit though this and try to decode the lyrics please send me a synopsis…

Matt’s Midday Music Video Maddness!

OK, this was meant to be sent at midday. Seems I forgot to click publish ell oh ell.

herewith is the post as per above etc. and do forth:

Now this video has everything a music video should have. An attractive overly tanned Afrikaans guy in a wife-beater vest, closeups of an average looking women in a pool and of course, the perquisite shots of Haarties Dam, inspiring images of living the high life, and owning lekker boats. My personal favourite part of this video would have to be the little jig he does in the first shot of him facing the camera (about 16 seconds into the video). Of course it wouldn’t be the sucess it is without the catchy tune and thought provocing lyrics. WHAT a brilliant video. You couldn’t come close to doing something of this quality unless you had a MUCH bigger budget.. say R1500.00 ($100US). This video reviewer says: 3 thumbs up!


Old Videos

I found this old video of my 21st Birthday party, it was on the roof of the colloseum hotel in PTA… hehe, we were never allowed back after this one, what a party! :)


After watching this again, I decided to google ‘Matt Suttner’s birthday party’ (as one does) to see what comes up :) Below is one of the results :D I don’t…. THINK this was my birthday party, although it could have been… people tend to buy lots of tequila on my birthday, so maybe…


Anyway, the next thing you hear from me will be my very first Podcast entitled The Matt Suttner Show! make sure you’re one of the first to get it, listen on your ipod at the dentist and 0.4-0.7% pain decrease guaranteed!

Super Duper!