My Birthday Party at Terrace Sundays

With another December Season brought to a close I was privileged enough to bring in my birthday with my peeps at Terrace Sundays at the Blue Lagoon hotel, brought to you by the Lazy Days crew and Absolut. Thanks to all the amazing people who came out. Here are some pics I took. I’m not a photographer, I just love taking photos. 

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Terrace Flyer

Matt Birthday -6

^^Ominous looking start to the afternoon, but awesome view.

Matt Birthday -1-3 Matt Birthday -3

Matt Birthday -2Matt Birthday -8Matt Birthday -14

^^Shirt by House of Konstantinos

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Matt Birthday -11Matt Birthday -17Matt Birthday -15

^^Getting festive all up in that Jzzoint

Matt Birthday -4Matt Birthday -7Matt Birthday -10

Matt Birthday -18

^^Daniel Ray with the closing set.

Matt Birthday -25

^^Daniel Ray, Matt Suttner, Tony H, Rhett Pendock, DJ Damage

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Matt Birthday -26

^^Things getting crazy.

Matt Birthday -19Matt Birthday -1

Matt Birthday -20

^^Love these kids.

Matt Birthday -23

Matt Birthday -24

^^”What do you mean there’s no more tequila?”

Matt Birthday -22

Matt Birthday -21


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I’m not a photographer, I just like taking photos. I shot these with a Canon 7D, you can buy one or browse other cameras here:

Canon 7D

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